Painting  Awards at the Slobberknocker
  • Every army at the Slobberknocker GT is expected to be painted to a three color gaming standard. Bases may  be painted, plain, or flocked. Unpainted units are technically allowed, but the whole army must be painted to avoid getting a "0" paint score. 


  • Armies are automatically entered into the "Best Painted" army competition for their particular game, as well as being eligible for the "Players Choice" award for their favorite army of the weekend. 


  • Hobbyists may also place entries into the "Fistful of Colors" paint competition for $10 per entry. 

    This entry may be any combination of models, but MUST make up a diorama that fits onto a 150mm x150mm area or less.  Models may be of any size, come from any line, and have any number of factions represented. I just want to see you talented types make something amazing! You may make as many entries as you wish, but unlike the "Best painted" army competition, they must be painted by you personally. Obviously, this runs on an honor system.