2 Day Events



Kings of War is basically custom built for lovers of Rank and File fantasy wargaming. Balanced and fast with compact rules with tactical depth, Kings of War is a 2 Day, 6 round event with 50 reserved slots. Slobberknocker GT will allow the use of both Historical Armies and content from the Clash of Kings book. 


This event will count as a scored event for the 2016 US Masters Series, and is scored in the Mountain Region. 


Laser gun explodey beams. This is 40k's second year at the Slobberknocker, and we anticipate an even better turn out. Last year, we were rated GT size by ITC. This year we are pushing for Majors status.  Good scenarios and a great player base should make this a fun time for all Militant Catholic Space Nazis and Xenos Filth alike. Warhammer 40k is a 2 Day, 5 round event with 60 reserved slots.

Reporting now to the Independent Tournament Circuit with a base of hundreds of competitors, Age of Sigmar will be a Matched Play tournament with minimal house rulings in place. We are hopeful for a large gathering of Sigmar players this year at Slobberknocker. Age of Sigmar is a 2 Day, 5 round event with 60 reserved slots.  

A tactical turn based game that blends two systems together, it rewards strategic thinking, intuitive combos and a bit of luck. This is Warmachines 1st year at the Slobberknocker GT, and we are happy to have it. 

Blood Bowl

Newly revived by GW, who finally realized that people still loved Blood Bowl. Slobberknocker GT is hosting a NAF sanctioned event. This is a 1 day, 4 round event with fixed petty cash, reviving rosters, and a stunty division.

Fistful of Colors

Slobberknocker GTs in house painting competition! Each year we pick a theme for a diorama that is limited to 12' by 12'. In 2018, the theme is "The Captive".  Anyone can enter and you can use models from any range or game. Scoring is based on both quality of the paint and execution of the theme.