The following links will take you away from Slobberknocker GT  and right to the Best Coast Pairings page. 

All games and events at the SKGT are just 15$ this year! 

If your event is listed below, please, just pay at the door. 


  1.  Bloodbowl

  2.  Warmahordes

  3.  Game Face's MTG Store Championships on Friday.

  4.  The Fistful of Colors Painting Competition

  5.  Mordheim

  6.  Battle Tech, Alpha Strike

  7.  Classic Battle Tech.

  8.  Dungeons and Dragons, Adventurers League

  9.  Pathfinder Society

  10.  Twilight Imperium

  11.  Warhammer 40k: Kill Teams

  12.  Painting stations and tutorials

13. 1st Edition AD&D!

In addition there will be a whole ton of board games supplied by Game Face Board Game Lounge in Yukon! Click below to register and pay.